Reno adopt foster child



Adoption is a social and legal process, which establishes the relationship of parent and child between people who do not have this relationship by birth. It provides the same rights and obligations that exist between children and their biological parents. The primary intention of adoption services is to provide children permanent families when their birth families cannot rear them. The needs of the child are the primary determinant of the total service, with full recognition of the interdependent needs and interests of the birth parents and adoptive parents.

Washoe County Department of Social Services has a legal responsibility under Nevada Revised Statutes ("NRS") 432B.030 to administer child welfare services. As a result, the Department must provide adoption services. NRS Chapter 127 includes statutes, which specifically govern the adoption of children, as well as adults, and NRS Chapter 128 addresses termination of parental rights. The goal of the WCDSS Adoption Program is the adoption of children who are without permanent families.

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