By contacting our office to let us know your interest, we will then schedule an orientation.


The orientation will consist of the following:

Introduction, who we are, JC Family Services objectives, Foster Parent objectives, benefits of being a foster parent, a tour of the office, meeting staff, and owners. Once you complete the orientation and decide that you want to become a foster parent, you will be required to attend pre-certification training.

Application Process:

You will be required to complete a County Foster Parent application. The process will consist of a county, FBI and State background check, and CPR certification. This approval process will take a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks. During this period, we will schedule an in-home study to ensure you meet the foster care requirements.

Once the above application and qualification processes are complete, you will be ready to receive your foster child and on your way to making a positive difference in a child’s life.

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